Fortnite Season 6 Info.

Welcome to Fortnite Season 6! I am going to write everything I get for Season 6 through the whole Season.

Fortnite Season 6 Map

27. Sep.

Fortnite Season 6 Just started and it is a lot of new Map changes.
The new "Floating Island" has a tornado around it and it would give you your glider back. It is aolso very easy to escape if you use the tornado right.

All the "Anti Gravity Feilds" have been replaced with black feilds where you can find up to 3 chest's, a rune and the new consumeable rock.
Fortnite Shadow Rock

The new consumeable rock makes you sort of invisible and it gives you jump- and sprint boost. You aolso get a new "Power that allows you to go thru walls. You can aolso loot diffrent places when you are in this "mode" but you can not build or use any weapons. Watch this link if you want to se a gameplay of it clik here: